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2013.03. The certification renewal(ISO 9001)
2012.11. Additionally installed the manufacturing equipment for multi-layer film
2012.08. Selected as the superior place of business(the section of business waste weight reduction)
2011.01. 9-color printing machine additionally installed
2004.11. Awarded the “Monument of 5 Million Dollars in Export”
2002.03. Updating ISO 9001 Certificate
2001.06. Additionally installed 8-Color automatic printer
2001.01. Installed new Solvent-Dry Laminators
2000.12. Installed new Extrusion Laminators
1999.02. The certification renewal(ISO 9001)
1993.11. Selected as the superior place of business(the section of business waste weight reduction)
1993.10. Installation of Solvent Dry Laminator
1993.02. Busan line installed additional 8 color-printing facility
1993.01. Additional installation of SM Film(5-Layer) manufacturing facility
1991.06. Busan Line moved to be extended
1991.02. Company name changed Sungil Packaging Industry into Sungil Chemical
1989.03. Non-Solvent-Dry Laminator installed
1988.10. LLDPE(Linear Low Density Polyethylene) Machine installed
1988.07. Individual Side Wealder Machine installed
1988.04. Vacuum Forming Machine Additionally installed (CVM)
1986.11. Automatic 8 Color Printer installed
1984.05. HDPE Film Awarded K.S Logo
1984.03. Vacuum Forming Machine installed
1984.03. P.E Film Awarded K.S(Korean Standard) Logo
1984.03. Certificate of Appreciation by Tax Office, Daejeon
1983.11. S.M Film (3 Layers Film) Manufacturing Facility Additionally installed
1983.09. Polyethylene extrusion blown film line installed
1983.07. Technical Affiliation with Great Plant Co. Japan
1980.12. The Main Office & The Lines moved from Seoul to Cheongju
1980.06. Busan Line installed and initiated
1979.12. Cheong-Ju Line Construction completed and initiated
1978.03. CPP Press Machine installed, 6 color printer(Japanese one) additionally installed
1977.01. Registered as Company ‘Sungil Packaging Co.’
1976.10. Certificate of Appreciation by Seoul Taxation Office(Exemplary Taxpayer)
1975.04. Extrusion blow molding machine installed
1974.03. Certificate of Appreciation by the Prime Minister(Exemplary Taxpayer)
1970.10. Sugil Chemical Engineering established