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Hello, Everyone

I sincerely welcome you visiting our website SPC

SPC PACK has grown along with the development of food packaging industry by entering gravure printing industry in the 1960s when Korea had been striving for economic development. Now, we become the nation's top flexible packaging company to produce various packing materials and functional films.

Today's packaging is the important meaning of sales promotion other than traditional functions of storage and distribution, and various functions are being required to meet the demand of the rapidly changing world.

We continue to research on new packaging techniques and materials to fulfill the desires of customers, constantly progress on expansion and improvement of equipment, and reorganize the company operation system to meet the needs of the times.

By developing superior functionalities for various materials, we will keep striving to meet the needs of our customers with our utmost sincerity, practicing an improvement in environmentally-friendly processes, and transforming into a company trusted and carried out corporate social responsibility.

CEO Choon-Taek Chang