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CPP film manufactured by T-Die formulations stands out thickness uniformity, transparency, and polish as well as printability. In addition, it is used widely as a flexible packaging material because it is a Sanitary film.

Product standards

cpp 표준생산규격
Item Unit Mid-value
Thickness 20~80(possible to produce special thicknesses on demand)
Kerf width m/m 400~1,800 (possible to produce a special width according to orders)
Winding length M 2,000~6,000
Geomancer inside diameter m/m 76(3″)
Processing of corona Dyne/㎝ over 38
Tolerance Thickness % ±3
Width m/m 0 - 2
Length % 0 - 2
CPP 특성
Classification Width (mm) Maximum Output(ton/24hr) GRADE Use
CPP 2040 4 CPP Heat-resistance molding
EGAN 2900 13 SMF T1 General
CLP L1 고속포장용
CLP B1 BOIL germicidal property
ECLP E3 Gas Barrier
DS 3550 20 SMF T1 General
SMF T2 Both sides heat seal property
SCP1, SCP EP Bread bag uses
Matt SM, Matt EP Bread bag uses
White SM Wet towel, nappy, Frozen desserts
Matt SD1 Deco sheet
SCRⅡ Retort
Matt WSD, Matt SD Retort