Lamination process

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As a technology that connect other two kinds of film by using an adhesive, it keeps content of each property, and allows the sealing property. It doesn’t use a solvent making no remaining smell. We have Non-solvent mould Adhesive lamination machineries (general use) and the solvent mould Adhesive lamination machineries which adhesion is excellent. So it is possible upto the boiling and retorting products.
The Extrusion lamination process will make upgrade the quality of the vaccum product or liquid product with the reinforcement of heat seal property, freezing resistance and impact resistance by bonding polyethylene resin to the other side of packaging paper.


  • Granting the sealing property
  • Product upgrade sought
  • Extending the retention period of the product
  • Getting the property of matter which is going to want is possible by piling up two kinds of film.

Status of facilities

Classification Maximum width(mm) Maximum rewinding Diameter(mm) Maximum speed(m/min)
Lamination #1 Non solvent adhesive lamination 1100 700 220
Lamination #2 Solvent adhesive lamination 1200 800 200
Lamination #3 Extrusion lamination 1160 800 200