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Rotogravure Printing that belongs in an intaglio is he high-speed printing of the intaglio rotary using a doctor roller in order to implantate the ink on the surface. The printed materials produced by our fully automatic Rotogravure Printing facilities and skilled engineering staff make your product more flattering.


  • The application range is broad (flexible packages, publication, commerce printing, etc)
  • The roll of the high-speed printing possible.
  • Rich tones or a wide breadth of colour and contrast are broad.
  • Non- Matt or Matt is free
  • Nnatural-colored(Stacking 3-4 colors) representation is possible.
  • Free color(up to 9 colors from a color) selectable
  • An precision printable resulting from the state of the art automated CONTROL(Color con).

Status of facilities

Status of facilities
Classification Number of possession Max printing width(mm) Maximum speed(m/min) Note
6-colour printing machine 2 1020 200 Single-sided printing
8-colour printing machine 2 1200 300 Printing on both sides of the paper
9-colour printing machine 1 1250 250 Printing on both sides of the paper