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Classification Use Application GRADE Thickness(㎛)
CPP Food Packaging General Synthetic paper for a container with in-mold labeling, patch release paper CPP 40,50,60,70
Food packaging(cross section heat seal) SMF T1 20,25,30,40,50,60,70
Food packaging(both sides heat seal) SMF T2 20
Bread packaging(transparency) SCP1, SCP EP 40
Bread packaging(opacity) Matt SMF, Matt EP 40
Wet towel(cross section heat seal) White SMF(Wet towel) 28
Nappy(cross section heat seal) White SMF(nappy) 40
Retort SEMI Retort Pouch
HIGH Retort Pouch
(The spicy curry and tuna packaging possibility)
SCRⅡ 60,80
Anti-Fog Vegetables(Mushroom,, salad, etc) packaging Both sides anti-fog TM 28,30
Industrial Deco sheet Synthetic paper Matt SD1 80
Matt SD2 40,50,60
Casting LLDPE Food Packaging General Baking, Sauces (Low-temperature heat sealing) CLP-L1 40,50
Noodles CLP-B1 55
Gas Barrier Food Packaging Coextrusion film Meat Products, Livestock Products ECLP-E3 50