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environmentally friendly materials development effort
CCP films for use as petrochemical products will not be dismantled in landfill sites, and they effect on the environment. So we have teamed up with the famous outside biodegradation company. while maintaining existing properties, we have used excellent performance additive which will continue to try enhancing the performance of decomposed chemical landfill.
The Ink(the wrapping paper per unit) amount of use reduction effort
In terms of reducing the amount of ink and solvent used for the packaging Rotogravure printing while keeping the brightness and saturation, we have succeeded in reducing the ink usage up to 13% in collaboration with a competent copper cylinder manufacturer, and constantly progressed with the aim to reduce it more than 20%.
air pollution prevention facility installation
We have built the air pollution prevention facilities(Concentrator & Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) to purify the volatile organic solvent released into the air, and are doing management and operation(legal standard : Less than 40ppm - 20% level of 200ppm). This can result in energy recycling led by the wasted heat(steam) boiler recovering the calories when volatile organic solvents are oxidized.